Such a Fun Fall!
September & October 2013

We had such a GREAT fall!  Wow, I have never had so much fun (oh,  and I think the kids enjoyed themselves too)!

The girls started preschool (4-yr-old classes) and we celebrated Mackenzie's 4 year Gotcha Day on Sept 30th.  We enjoyed the great weather and were outside as much as possible. And then there were pumpkin parties and trick-or-treating, hiking, amusement parks, Boo at the Zoo, the list goes on and on. LOVED IT!  LOVED IT!  LOVED IT!

Here are a few pictures - there were many events we went to where we didn't take pictures, but this will give you an idea of the wonderful time we had.

PS.  I love 4-yr-olds.

- MIchele

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first day of preschool