Spring, Spring, Spring!
April and May 2013

Spring is the best.  Warmer weather and the excitement of summer activities to look forward to.  

Addison's 2 Year Gotcha Day was on April 11th.  I don't think either of my girls really understand the significance of Gotcha Day yet, but they will as they get older.  All they really know now is that we go to dinner at a local asian restaurant and they are happy with that. For me, it seems like yesterday when I saw my daughter for the first time - scared, tired, and not having a clue how her life was going to change. 

We visited the aquarium with other adoptive families in April and got outside as much as possible (whenever it wasn't raining, which was alot this spring).  Grandma came out to visit in early May and the kids loved seeing her.  The girls finished preschool on May 16th and we kicked off the summer with a trip to the zoo, a butterfly/insect exhibit,  and a day at an amusement park.  

- Michele

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Happy Mackenzie at the top of the "spider web" structure