Just Chillin'
1st Quarter 2013

The beginning of this year started off slow just trying to recover from the holidays.  In addition, we all had numerous colds/coughs these past 3 months which wasn't fun for anyone!  Yuck!

We did, however, have a few warm days where we went hiking, to the playground, and to the  Dinosaur Museum.  We only had a few sizable snowstorms and the girls loved those.  We made a very obese snowman which was Daddy's creation.  They also went sledding for the first time.

The girls visited the dentist, did many crafts, went swimmming a few times, and decided they really liked dresssing up as princesses and fairies.

And Easter weekend was so fun!  They still fit into their Easter dresses from last year (?) and they enjoyed the community egg hunt as well as our own in the backyard.  It was so warm on Easter, that in the afternoon, the girls ran around the backyard in their panties and Crocs (no pics of that posted!).  That was a perfect ending to a great weekend.

- Michele


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Mackenzie's new dinosaur hat