Vail Vacation
September 15, 2012

We went on our 2nd vacation to Vail and had such a great time.  After last September's visit, we decided to repeat the experience (and also, the girls kept asking when we were going back to Vail - they love it there too).

As you can see from the photos, we spent alot of time at the few, but absolutely beautiful, playgrounds and parks that Vail has to offer.  Paradise for the adults and just plain fun for the girls.

My Mom went with us for a few days and she really enjoyed it as well.  We are grateful that she is such a big part of our daughter's lives.  

I had a nine-yr-old girl ask me at one of the playgrounds if I was Mackenzie and Addison's babysitter.  Hadn't been asked that question before - but once the thought went through my mind of "do I look too old to be a Mom?", I realized she meant because my daughters don't look like me.  Innocent enough question for a nine-yr-old to ask.  I just smiled and proudly said, "No, not the babysitter, I'm their Mom."

- Michele

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