Starting Preschool
September 04, 2012

First day of preschool!

This year, the girls are going to a different preschool - one that they can each be in their own classrooms, make their own friends, and have their own space.  

They were both so excited about starting today!  I got them new backpacks (with matching lunch bags) and they were given baskets by the school that they are required to carry themselves (no parents carrying the baskets - it's the rule!)

When I dropped them off, Addison didn't even say goodbye.  Just walked right into her classroom and started playing.  When I got to Mackenzie's room, she hugged and kissed my cheek and simply said, "Bye, Mom" and was gone.  

I couldn't be happier or prouder of my girls.  Such happiness in their faces and such confidence.  Mackenzie's teacher gave each Mom a poem and pack of tissues.  I didn't read the poem until I got into my car and then started crying like a baby.  I was just fine before reading it!  Or, I thought I was...

- Michele

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So excited!