Addison is 3!
May 21, 2012

Addison turned 3 years old today!  

I think because Mackenzie has been 3 for six months already, Addison couldn't wait to be 3 just like her big sister.  She really got it too - all day she was repeating "Addison's birthday today".  She was so proud of herself and her huge smile reflected pure joy.

I took her Starbucks this morning, just the two of us, and then we went to pick up her cake, balloons, and flowers to honor her birthmother.  We had a small party with family and two friends.  She ripped open her presents so quickly that I don't think she really understood what the presents were - except for the scooter!  She hopped right on like she knew exactly what to do.  And she did.

I know without a doubt that her birth family was thinking about her today.  My hope is that they are at peace and know that somewhere in the world, their daughter is loved and is safe.  When Addison was found in China at six weeks old, she had a handwritten note with her.  All that was written was DOB 5/21/09.  We are so incredibly thankful that the note was left - her birth family wanted this date to be known. And for Addison to know this, and to not have to wonder, is such a precious gift.  

Happy Birthday, Princess Peach

- Michele

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