Fall Festivities
November 1, 2011

I've always loved the month of October. Cooler temps.  Beautiful colors.  Pumpkins and Halloween and lots of parties.  Now that we have kids, I REALLY love October!  So incredibly fun.

We attended a Halloween party at AAC, went to the Pumpkin Patch, did lots of pumpkin crafts at home, traveled to Washington to visit Tim's family, Mackenzie had a Halloween preschool party, trick-or-treating (and practice sessions for trick-or-treating), and Addison and I went to NYC to visit my brother and his kids.  

I don't think Addison really knew what to make of everyone dressing up in costumes all month.  Her first Halloween experience.  And no better way to celebrate the holiday than to go to the famous NYC Halloween parade and see the best and the craziest costumes (and people) of all!

- Michele


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