Grandparents Weekend
October 19, 2011

We flew to Spokane, Washington this past weekend to visit Tim's parents and experience some good country living (and food - Tim's Mom loves to cook)!

 The girls did really well on the flights and in the rental car, except they couldn't see out of the windows in the back seat of the car.  We didn't even think about this one small, but important, detail as we are used to having SUVs and now a minivan.   We'll know for next time, though.  It would have been nice if they could have seen the farm country we were driving through, but oh well - it was an issue that some iPhone movies and apps solved perfectly.

We had a wonderful time visiting with Tim's parents and even got to see Tim's brother.  (Thanks, Tom, for making the drive!)  The girls loved seeing horses, cows, and deer, and riding on the big lawn mower.  Grandma even caught a grasshopper for Mackenzie and she got to examine it closely in the container until she dumped it out.

We went to Lake Roosevelt one day and walked around a campground that had already closed for the season.  It was really beautiful and we had fun running around in the trees.  

It's nice that the girls now have a visual of where their grandparents live.  And it was the first airline trip that we have all taken together.  We'll be back, Grandma and Grandpa!

- Michele


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