Picture Perfect
September 28, 2014

Today was a perfect picture day.  My girls and I went to a local park and my dear friend, Akshay, captured so many great moments of my precious girls.  Every year when our annual photo shoot approaches, I get anxious about what the girls are going to wear, where will the shoot take place, and what about the weather?  Will it be hot or cold and how will that impact the clothing selection, shoe selection, etc.  But every year, the photos turn out nothing short of amazing.  And I'm so thankful that dispite our busy lives, I took the time to plan a few hours on a weekend for this.  A few hours of time, but memories that will last forever.  

Thank you, Akshay, for the wonderful gift of all these photos, for taking  time out of your busy schedule, and especially for your friendship.  

- Michele 

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