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October 14, 2012

This was our first trip to Orlando for a family vacation.  There were 10 of us, including two Grandmas, Uncle Kevin, Cousin Zoe, Eli (a family friend) and Yeshai (Eli’s son).  So, to sum it up:  6 Adults and 4 three-yr-olds!  Yikes!
We spent 5 nights in Orlando and then went on a 3 night Disney Cruise.  On the cruise, there were 600 CCAI family members (CCAI is Addison’s adoption agency who is celebrating 20 years of service and 10,000 Chinese adoptions this year!)  It was so nice to see all the adoptive families enjoying themselves.  How grateful we are for our children and proud of how our families were formed.  Thanks, CCAI, for all your great work in leading us to our children!
While in Orlando, we went to the Magic Kingdom and Sea World and then hung around at the resort playing putt-putt, swimming, and enjoying the playgrounds. Once we were on the cruise ship – WOW!  Amazing.  Disney really knows how to do things right.
The kids had the most amazing time and did really well with little sleep and so much activity.  The parents were exhausted (really exhausted in my case) and the grandmas were in Heaven.
Making memories for our children is so special. I want our girls to be able to learn and experience things away from home and from what they normally see and do.  And this trip definitely was a learning experience for them – they loved it and can’t stop talking about it, even the smallest details are memorable to them.  We’ll definitely go back!

- Michele

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