Mackenzie's 3rd Birthday
November 9, 2011

Our baby is 3!  Crazy!

I took Mackenzie shopping this morning to pick out some balloons for her party and some flowers to honor her birthmother.  We stopped at Starbucks which is always a hit.  We had a great morning together, just she and I.  She was so excited about her birthday.  She really understood this year what it meant to have a birthday and has been holding up 3 fingers now for a few months (to practice, I guess).  

Later that day, we had a small party for her at our house.  Grams, Grandpop Bob, and Grandma Dell were there, along some of our friends.  We had pizza and cake and lots of presents.  She was much faster opening presents this year, as compared to last year.  They learn quick, don't they?

I thought about her birthmother all day and sent thoughts of peace and gratefulness.  Of any day of the year, I'm positive that her birthmother was thinking about her today.  I hope she knows how very loved Mackenzie is and how much joy she has brought to our lives.    

- Michele

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eating cake at Starbucks