June 27, 2011

It's been 9 weeks since Addison came home!  Her adjustment continues to go extremely well and the only time she really fusses is when she is hungry.  She already understands everything we say to her and is saying a handful of words in English.  How fast children learn and blossom.  

Mackenzie's adjustment to her sister has gone really well too, although, she was jealous for a few weeks after Addison came home (which we expected and were ready for).  But how adaptable children are!  Mackenzie's first words to me now in the morning are "Where's Addison?" and she loves holding Addison's hand, bossing her around, and is concerned when Addison cries.  

And what warms my heart the most is when Mackenzie says, "I love Addison".  Those words are spoken on a daily basis now - at random times, whenever the thought and feeling come to mind.  Sisters - a concept in our minds for so long, but now a reality.  And what a wonderful reality it is.

 - Michele 

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