Birthday For Our China Doll
May 21, 2011

Addison 2nd birthday was today and we celebrated with a small family party, complete with balloons, gifts, pizza, and cake.  She really seemed to enjoy herself and was comfortable with all the party activity.  She continues to amaze us with her easy-going personality and with how much she has learned in the four weeks she's been home.

I thought about her birth parents alot today.  When Addison was abandoned in China at 6 weeks old, we were originally told that her birthdate was estimated.  When I traveled to China, we found out that her birth family left a note with her (which we were given).  The note said her birthdate was May 21, 2009 and it also stated the lunar calendar date of April 27, 2009.  

We are thankful that her birth parents left this note so that Addison will know, for sure, the day she was born - something we all take for granted, knowing this about ourselves. There are many unanswered questions - ones we will never be able to give her, but at least we have one less missing piece of information.  

What a great celebration - one of life and one of family!

 - Michele


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