Adoption Day!
April 22, 2010

Today we had our court appointment to finalize Mackenzie's adoption.  We made a day of it, leaving in the morning for the 1.5 hour drive to Fort Collins.  We had lunch beforehand and made it to the Justice Center with minutes to spare. 

The meeting with the judge lasted about 10 minutes.  We had to be sworn in and we were both asked a few questions.  Mackenzie at this time was running around the court room in her squeaky shoes as Grams followed after her.  Being stuck in her car seat and highchair at the restaurant for hours meant lots of energy to burn.  At one point during the proceedings, while the judge was talking to Tim and I, Mackenzie yelled out at loud "Mama" which was actually very cute considering we were about to become her legal "Mama" and "Dada".  Good timing, little girl! 

I thought I would be more emotional during the court process, but I wasn't.  I have always felt that Mackenzie was ours, since before we even traveled to Korea, and making it "official" didn't change anything in my mind or heart.  It was necessary, of course, to be designated her legal parents, but it seemed to be just more paperwork, and lord knows, we are used to paperwork!

I did, however, get very emtional that evening for other reasons.  I felt sad that Mackenzie had to give up her Korean citizenship, her Korean name (part of which was her birth mother's last name), her homeland, her people, her culture.  I thought alot about her birth mother and would she have wanted her daughter to be raised in the US or would she have preferred Mackenzie had gotten adopted by a Korean family?  These thoughts reinforce the whole premise behind adoption - someone else's loss and pain is another family's happiness. Sad, but true.

We are so thankful that we were "chosen" to be our beautiful daughter's parents.  I hope that our sensitivity to the circumstances behind Mackenzie's adoption will help us be even better parents than we would have been otherwise. 

Happy Adoption Day -






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at the restaurant prior to court