2016 and Beyond
October 2017



In January 2016, I finally broke down and joined Facebook after resisting it for so many years. I still post here, on our beloved website, and will continue to post under "Out of the Mouths of Babes" folder because, quite frankly, our daughters will continue to come up with the most amusing and endearing "quotes".  I have our site referenced on my Facebook page so that friends and family can still view our site easily. 

Now that my girls can read, they love coming to our site and reading the journals and seeing the photos.  And this was the original goal in creating our website - that they would understand, in depth, our journey to become a family, how we met each of them for the first time on "Gotcha Day", and to document both adoption trips. 

After becoming a family, the rest of the postings and photos have been such a wonderful way to capture memories of their early childhood.  I find myself revisitng pages and journal entires frequently.  It is bittersweet to me, as a Mama, to look back.  It makes it all too real how quickly times flies by. And also so grateful that I spent the time to document our lives together.

- Michele